Privacy policy & Cookie Policy


This Privacy Policy & Cookie Policy describes how we collect and use information through this website, the types of cookies we use i.e, the information we collect using cookies and how that information is used, and how to control the cookie preferences.

Data collection

We do not attempt to collect information such as names or email adresses.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics for automatically collecting technical information, such as the location of your computer, your operating system, the type of browser you use, and which pages of the website you visit. We use that information to improve our website, and in the process of content generation.

Google Adsense

Advertisements are placed on this website by Google Adsense. Tracking cookies may be placed to gather information on previous visits to this website or other websites, in order to adjust which advertisements are placed. You can opt out of personalised advertising by visiting Ads Settings. (Or to opt out of third-party vendor’s use of cookies for personalised advertising, visit

Cookies uses functional, analytical and tracking cookies. Cookies are small text files that are saved on your device. Google Analytics and Google Adsense use cookies to analyse how the website is used.

Disable Cookies

You can disable cookies by changing the settings of the internet browser that you are using, or by clicking Open Cookie Settings.

Changes can change the privacy & cookie policy. Any changes will be published here.

Last updated: 22 November 2020.